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Warehouse 13: More formulaic than Homer

October 11, 2009

Apparently Warehouse 13 has been a huge hit for Syfy (still lmao over that name), so on a whim I decided to check out episode one. It’s a fun, light-hearted sci-fi/crime mix that could be a really good show…but unfortunately contains very little in the way of originality. (very light spoilers) Advertisements

‘It’s…gritty’ ~ Torchwood: Children of Earth

July 15, 2009

(NB: The title of this review comes from Highlands Techno’s absolutely hilarious animations featuring Battlestar Galactica‘s show runner Ron Moore. They mainly lampoon RDM for seeing even the most bizarre plot choice as ‘gritty…and realistic’ (as well as having an obsession with hot babes in goo tubs). Which I felt was also a fitting commentary […]