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Alien Addendum

I’ve now seen Alien:Resurrection, so wanted to add a few notes to my previous discussion.There are some spoilers in this post, but tbh if you can’t handle spoilers from 1997 because you’re so desperate to watch this movie…well….

‘A Chick Thing’

  • There aren’t many girls in this movie. One is background Alien fodder and another (Hillard) is primarily a girlfriend figure who also provides some brief and unecessary nudie shots.
  • Oh yeah, and the two main female characters aren’t even human.
  • Ripley’s strength and intelligence are here reduced to a function of and explained away by her magic alien DNA. Call hits the nail on the head when she calls Ripley ‘a construct’ – the character doesn’t really need to be in this movie and she doesn’t resemble her former self at all.
  • There’s a lot of talk about motherhood here, but it’s mostly quite creepy and icky with some weird incest vibes.
  • ETA: Something that bugged me was the way Ripley wasn’t at all upset about being cloned and waking up (200 years after being incinerated in a furnace) in  a horrible, Wal-mart controlled world, but she *did* get upset about Newt and immediately latched on to having Call as her new pseudo-kid…guess it’s just down to us wimmin being so baby obsessed and all…
  • Having said that, there are some interesting themes of exploiting reproduction, vis the enforced ‘impregnation’ of the sleepers and Ripley’s clones. Oddly enough, however, being upset by the sight of your deformed and grotesque clones is deemed to be ‘a chick thing’ by one male character (*headdesk*).
  • Oh, and the Alien’s final evolution? The lethal weapon it unleashes as the final twist?  A WOMB. Sweet Jesus.
  • So basically, w/regards to women in this film:

There’s more to be said on the movie in general, but notes are under the cut:

  • When the opening credits say directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amelie) and written by Joss Whedon, that is a good sign that something is very wrong.
  • I mean, this is a better movie than Alien 3 (imo), but it’s highly flawed. Both have blamed each other in the past but I think they share it equally – Jeunet’s direction is slooooooooooow (read: boring) but Whedon’s script is for a lighter franchise than Alien.
  • I suppose it’s better than Alien 3 because it goes back to the traditional roots of the franchise – running around a dark spaceship with conveniently permeable flooring. Plus the underwater scene is quite a fun addition to the stock set pieces.
  • Most people in this movie are too dumb to live, though. No acid-proof flooring in the cage? DUH.
  • I spent most of my time playing Firefly match-up with the crew of the Betty. Johner as Jayne is the most obvious parallel, along with Elgyn as Mal and Christie gender bent into Zoe. Call is a bit Kaylee and a bit River, although Ripley is obviously River-like as well. Firefly > this movie, obviously, but it’s interesting to see the origins of the show.
  • But seriously though, besides Buffy, is Joss really a good writer of women???

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