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Misfits Series 2 – Preview!

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the BFI’s preview of Misfits Series 2, held at the National Film Theatre.

l-r: Lauren Socha (Kelly), Robert Sheehan (Nathan), Jonathan Ross, Howard Overman (the creator)

I’ve written a little bit in the past about how much I liked Misfits when it first aired last year. Thankfully the Series 2 opener is just as darkly funny as the first episodes, with laughs-a-plenty between and even during its intense action sequences.

The episode finds our jumpsuited, teenage heroes back on community service and mourning the loss of Nathan. They’ve still got the extraordinary powers they gained during a freak storm, and the episode helpfully showcases each of them in case we need a reminder! When a troubled ‘storm-freak’ starts making trouble at the community centre, the Misfits must draw on their abilities and fight for their lives. Will Kelly’s mindreading, Simon’s invisibility, Alisha’s lust touch or Curtis’s time travel save the day? Of course Nathan’s power, revealed in a key twist at the end of the last series, also comes into play. And who is the mysterious masked figure stalking the gang?

The script remains razor sharp and the show’s most important asset – along with the talented cast. The direction is fantastic, using washed out tones to contrast with the bright orange of the team’s jumpsuits, and a soft-focus effect during many scenes which lends the show a surreal edge.

If you haven’t caught Misfits before, I highly recommend the show. This series opener recaps the main plot points of Series 1, so you shouldn’t feel too lost. It’s also very accessible – you don’t need to be a huge sci-fi fan to enjoy it, although if you are you’ll probably find a lot to like as well.

As a bonus, the cast are lovely! Lauren and Robert took part in the Q+A with Jonathan Ross, and gave some witty and fascinating answers to his questions. Lauren revealed that Kelly may be involved in some saucy action this series, possibly involving a very unusual partner…

Nathan and Antonia (Curtis and Alisha) took part in a short workshop following the preview, and answered even more of our queries. I asked them how they felt Misfits fits in with other youth programming, e.g. Skins – they explained (rather eloquently) that they feel Misfits is a grittier look at real teenagers. Well, real teenagers with super powers anyway! Refreshingly, Misfits also refrains from moralising. Its young protagonists are (delightfully) flawed – it is this that makes them so compelling to watch.

Misfits is on E4, Thursday 11th November, 10pm



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