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Coming Soon!

A couple of exciting previews have come out recently, highlighting shows I’m interested in.

The BBC has a drama preview video which contains some brief shots of Outcasts. Alas they are so brief it’s hard to get anything from them – I made out a lot of desert! There are a couple of snippets of Hermione Norris and Ashley Walters as well (and Amy Manson running with a gun?). I’m also looking forward to Christopher and his Kind with the lovely Matt Smith, and who can resist David Tennant+ cute kids in Single Father?

In Game of Thrones news, HBO released three new videos! Best of the lot is this behind the scenes featurette, showing some awesome shots of Cersei, Tyrion, the kids and some interview footage with Sean Bean, GRRM and the producers:

Both shows look to be shaping up nicely…can’t wait to see them for real!

ETA: A still of Norris and Walters can be found at lifeofwylie!


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