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Kiss and kill ~ Being Human 2.7

On a purely emotional level, this episode was brilliant. Toby Whithouse’s excellent script, some beautiful cinematography and bucket loads of tension made for a high quality hour of entertainment. (spoilers follow)

The opening flashback to Ivan and Daisy’s first meeting was superbly written and provided a good jumping off point for the rest of the episode. Ivan and Daisy lived their vampire ‘life’ by the principle that they didn’t want to be unremarkable – didn’t want to be mere, vulnerable humans. Of course, that necessitates an element of cruelty: Daisy left her daughter alone in the middle of the Blitz and didn’t look back until over 65 years had passed.¬† But it was worth it for eternal youth and the rush of killing…right?

As in last year’s series, Mitchell’s turn to the dark side was great to watch and this time he went a step further. Finally we caught a glimpse of the dark, terrible John Mitchell we’ve heard so much about – blood crazed. We also saw the real reason why the other vampires seem so weird in comparison to our Mitchell – the blood makes them drunk, literally. His blood soaked post-coital scene with Daisy was easily one of the sexiest things I’ve seen on tv recently, not to mention his erotically charged yet skin crawlingly creepy confrontation with Annie.

George’s primary school transformation was slightly contrived but definitely dramatic. It raised the stakes of George’s condition in the ultimate way, by introducing a transforming werewolf into a building full of small children – and confirmed my suspicions about a slightly psychic Molly. Another slap in the face for George’s plans of leading a normal life…and another reason to visit Mr. Kemp.

Annie’s storyline was again the weak point of the episode. Why did she decide to go for exorcism? Okay, she had the emotional reunion with her mother in 2.6, but we have also seen her try to defeat death in this series and it just doesn’t seem logical that she would return to the point of wanting to move on again. I’m once again left disappointed by the material provided for her character. More for her in series 3, please!

I also have to criticise the initial reaction of Mitchell to the bomb. Whilst I found the scene of him rubbing magazine perfume on himself rather hilarious, it seemed incongruous with having just been in a bomb blast that killed 30 of your kind – even though he wasn’t that close to them. It felt like a scene had been cut out.

Despite some leaps in logic I really enjoyed it overall. It was a very good set up for a series finale, with a lot at stake. There was a lot of dark horror that provided striking images, like the carnage on the train and George half-transformed in the school. The finale is sure to be a rollercoaster ride – bring it on!


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