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True Blood Titles Making Of

I retweeted this the other day but thought it was worthy of its own post.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, the True Blood opening credits are some of the best. credits. EVER! Combining Jace Everett’s catchy country tune ‘Bad Things’ with images of the human virtues and vices on display in the South, they’ve garnered acclaim even from those who dislike the show itself.

So anyway, the titles are made by Digital Kitchen. I thought they just cut together archive footage but no, as this fascinating ‘making of’ featurette explains, they actually hand crafted the sequence from scratch. The video ends with an ‘extended directors’ cut’ of the title sequence, showcasing their amazing talent and creativity. If you are a True Blood fan, or if you’re just a fan of great editing and sexy visuals (I’m both) then this featurette is a must watch.


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