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Being Human Super Post ~ 2.4,5,6


Okay, I hold my hands up. I have been slacking on my Being Human reviews – partially, I hate to admit, because the show just hasn’t been wowing me lately.

Anyway, on to our triple bumper edition:

Episode 4 was, in my mind, the best episode of the series so far, capturing the drama/comedy balance that has seemed to elude it otherwise. For example, George’s job at the language school provided lots of laughs (‘S.T.F.U…’, ‘that should be Mr. Sands sucks cock’) but also showed his sinister side when he attacked his boss. Annie’s ‘training’ with Sykes was tense and led to a great sequence where she confronted her own death.

Episode 5 took a closer look at Mitchell’s past, and I loved the flashbacks to the 60s (complete with *very* dodgy hair!). I still want a flashback showing evil Mitchell at his worst, but showing him at the cusp of his first ‘breakdown’ was a great idea and I loved the reveal of Josie. Other fans seemed to dislike the parallel being drawn between Josie and Lucy, but I think it was actually pointing out the opposite – Lucy is categorically not a Josie, and we know it. Shame Mitchell continues to be so dumb.

Unfortunately Annie’s ‘ghost baby’ story really dragged the episode down. I’m not complaining about getting to see George and Mitchell play with a cute baby – that was ADORABLE – but the plot was just so throw away and so ‘comic relief’, yet again.

Episode 6 had another ‘filler’ storyline for Annie, but I felt that this one worked much better – I cried when she saw her mother again. I didn’t like the use of the paper flower – it seemed so cheesy – but at least there was some real emotional heart to this story and it managed to bring in some humour too.

George’s romance with Sam is one of those stories where you want to scream at the television screen. In that respect I think it’s successful! Molly is an intriguing character – does she have a psychic streak or is she just a brat?

Mitchell’s storyline was…okay. I mean, it had a dramatic ending, but Mitchell’s stupidity this series has got a bit much. Also, we know he’s not going to be dead.

Overall thoughts – I’m a little disappointed with the last few episodes. That’s not to say that I haven’t been enjoying the show – I have, and I still think it’s better than a lot of other things – but…I think there are some structural problems/bad decisions that have damaged the series.

Namely – Annie. Her storyline with Saul/Hugh/Sykes was interesting but why was it wrapped up in four episodes? Why is the reaction to death’s door so mixed – good in one episode, bad in the next? Why does Annie have to be a ‘speshul’ ghost?

I also think there’s been an over emphasis on the vampire story. The ‘vampire rehab’ is cliched and dull – thank God it will be mostly over with the bomb and they can get on with integrating the trio’s plots in the last few episodes.

HOWEVER despite this negativity, the show can still make me laugh, cry and tremble, all in the space of an hour. With a third series already on the cards I hope the team can recognise and overcome their ‘sophomore syndrome’ and produce a series as well plotted and well balanced as the first. I still love you, Being Human – I hope it works out for us.


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