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Move on~ Being Human 2.3

George and

This week’s Being Human saw all three characters try to move on from their respective relationships: Mitchell and Herrick (the mentor/student relationship, I suppose, although I always suspected there could be more to Herrick’s obsession with Mitchell’s former exploits), Annie and Hugh (and by extension Hugh and Kirsty) and George and Nina. (spoilers follow)

Mitchell’s story was the most separate of the three. Although the problem of the vampire power vacuum and how to fill it is interesting stuff, it was somehow too compressed, and full of weird cliches – like the vampire junkyard court of True Blood, the gathering in the dusty church was a little cringe worthy. Seeing Mitchell go to the dark side is also nothing new. However, the political machinations and dealings with humans that are needed to keep the vampires in check should provide plenty of meaty drama for coming episodes. I liked the ambiguity of Cara’s actions  – it seemed that the red headed girl she ‘saved’ in the mall was later part of the vampire group, which was an interesting twist to Cara’s attack.

George and Annie are developing a very sweet friendship (although I WANT MY MITCHELL/ANNIE BACK PLEASE! *ahem*) and I liked seeing them interact in this episode, with Annie taking on the role of getting him out of his depression and helping Hugh at the same time. Annie was again a little too comic relief for my tastes, and it seems strange that she’s accepted her invisibility so easily. I liked Kirsty, though, and George as the terrible blind date was a fantastic scene. Another good comic scene was the ‘Real Hustle freak-out’, which I’m sure will go down in Being Human history as one of the classic jokes of the show!

Nina’s story is obviously going to be followed up very soon, but her short appearance in this episode was great as it really ratcheted up the tension regarding her fate. And then, of course, we have the revelation of Jaggat’s identity! Lucy was definitely coming across as weird when she was on the date with Mitchell, so I thought something was up, but I didn’t think she would be someone so important in CENSSA! What a great twist!

Overall I thought this episode had some excellent moments, but something was lacking in general. Maybe it’s the way the trio are acting quite separately at the moment, or maybe it’s the continuing problem of too many storylines. Given the theme of ‘moving on’, I think that the plotlines will start to develop a bit more depth from now on. We’ll see.


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