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Sticks and Rope~Being Human 2.2

This is a fly-by review as I’m a little short on time, but I wanted to get my thoughts down before the next episode! Spoilers below.

I really enjoyed this episode, and certainly more than the first. It made me laugh out loud at points, but was also tense and dramatic enough to balance out the comedy, and I felt that the different aspects of the show were far better integrated this week.

Annie’s storyline went from comic relief to terrifying as she was confronted with the consequences of refusing the door of death. Saul’s Life on Mars-esque media madness was initially funny, but soon grew sinister when it emerged that the forces of death were encouraging him to bring Annie over to the other side. I would rather they hadn’t shown what was beyond the door, but it’s good that Annie now has a proper storyline that puts her in as much danger as the others are facing from CENSSA.

Mitchell’s story was interesting in a way, as it suggested that he will not be able to keep up the clean lifestyle forever – thus reintroducing tension into his long term plotline. However, I felt that it could have been explored a little more, as his vampire friend was an interesting character.

Nina’s decision to leave was understandable, and brought another brilliant performance from Russell and Sinead. I’m a little worried about her – her uncertainty about life in the supernatural world might well lead her to do something stupid.

My only major criticism is that there was almost too much going on in the episode. Because each of the characters seems to be following their own path in this series, much more than in the last, I can appreciate that it’s difficult to integrate them for each episode’s mini arc. However, I think the show can afford more time to explore each story and doesn’t need to gallop through at such a pace. That said, it doesn’t look like it will be letting up any time soon!


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