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Tomorrow, When the War Began – THE MOVIE!

Lincoln Lewis and Rachel Hurd-Wood as Kevin and Corrie

It’s been over ten years since I read John Marsden’s ‘Tomorrow’ series (on a visit to Australia, where they are much more famous than in Europe). The hard hitting young adult series focuses on a group of teens whose camping trip turns into a fight for survival when Australia is invaded by an enemy nation. It’s violent, gritty and above all a fantastic character drama that has stayed with me over the years.

I was pleased to discover today that there’s a movie coming out next year, featuring a few recognisable Australian actors (such as Neighbours’ ‘Rachel’, Caitlin Stasey – it really is a good year to be an Aussie soap star!) and the star of the most recent Peter Pan, Rachel Hurd-Wood. The script is by Stuart Beattie, scribe of such critically acclaimed movies as G.I. Joe and Pirates of the Caribbean…but I’m not going to let that deflate me, as he obviously has a good sense of action. With such good source material, I’m optimistic about the outcome.


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