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Legend of the Seeker ~ Season 2 spoilers!

Just finished Season 1 of Legend of the Seeker (fiiiinally!). The last episode was pretty good, although I felt they could have stretched out the meaty storyline over a couple of eps rather than spending a lot of time on silly and cliched filler stories.

The acting in the series is seriously patchy, but the two leads are wonderful (particularly Bridget Regan) and (as I have mentioned frequently) have sizzling chemistry.  Here they are in a video from E! Online discussing the upcoming second season (SPOILERS, obviously):


6 Responses to “Legend of the Seeker ~ Season 2 spoilers!”

  1. That last episode did feel a little rushed.

    The show was interesting, at times exciting but not always fun.

    Here is my take on it with a little humor and lots o’ pics if you are interested.

  2. i loved legend of the seeker its not everytime you get your hands on such a story.

  3. thanks. gods be with us long live darken rahl.

  4. legend of the seeker is a wonderful series i have never being so interested in a series as much as i have here. its awesome

  5. never underestimate the power of love, can richard and khalan keep suffering in silence?

  6. Here is our take on season two with lots of pics and possibly some wit if you are interested; liking the good and shedding light on what we went wrong with a sense of humor:

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