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Goggle Box Bits n Bobs

My dashboard and post making page are still horribly borked (clearing cache/cookies is not working, any ideas?). Anyway, I wanted to mention a couple of things that are tv related:

– I’m hearing rumours that Virtuality is dead in the water. Sob! I hope we at least get to see the pilot someday.

– I’m yet to watch Caprica. In fact, I may never do so. I was going to write a long post about religion in BSG, but until I have time to do so,  this excellent article echoes my thoughts on the matter.

Ashes to Ashes is back on a Monday night – I still don’t enjoy it as much as Life on Mars, for various reasons, but I am somewhat invested in the characters (Chris and Gene, mostly) as a hangover from their predecessor, so I will keep watching. However, if the ending turns out to be what I fear it might be (although nothing could be worse than the ending of the US LoM) I’ll be very happy to remove A2A from my personal canon.

– I sort of fell in love with Legend of the Seeker after I last blogged about it, mainly due to the relationship between Richard and Kahlan. I hate to be, well, such a girl, but the chemistry is just off the charts and I do love a good bit of Unresolved Sexual Tension. The plots got a little more original as the series went on (although they have still managed to cover pretty much every sci-fi/fantasy trope ever) and things definitely took a darker turn, especially with the introduction of a team of leather clad dominatrices around episode 8!

Kings is gone until the summer, and presumably axed after that. Shame. It was a bit slow moving but I really enjoyed it every week.

– Not long until my favourite vampires (barring Mitchell, of course) are back on the screen in season 2 of True Blood! June 14th is when it all kicks off, and I look forward to seeing more sex, drugs and naked pig ladies! There’s a great preview clip at EW. Season 1 should be airing on FX in the UK at some point in the summer, and has also been picked up by Channel 4 for later transmission.

– And finally…Mad Men continues to be utterly sublime. WATCH IT. Current fans might enjoy Rich Sommer’s blog (he plays Harry), especially as s3 is going into production next week!


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