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All good things – Being Human 1.6

George, Annie, Mitchell - the Being Human terrible trio!

George, Annie, Mitchell - the Being Human terrible trio!

Seneca and job interviews have kept me busy of late, but I still found time to catch up on the last episode of Being Human (series 1 – yes, it’s recomissioned!). Spoilers below the cut.

To recap: Mitchell got staked, Annie’s door appeared and George freaked out as only George can.

So in this episode, we saw Mitchell rushed to hospital (really though?), Annie find her inner strength, and George ‘put away childish things’ and make the choice to stay and defend his friend. Plus a little flashback to their first meeting, a spot of dark humour in the Undertakers’, and the revelation of further trouble brewing for our Trio.

I was slightly (only slightly) disappointed with the finale. I felt like things were rushed a bit, even though there were some fantastic ideas. I loved seeing George stand up for himself and really take the brave decision to fight for his friends – not least because it meant coming to grips with his decision. Nina getting scratched was a great hook for s2 – will she stick with George and learn how to cope? Or will it get too much for her? Mitchell, too, had a good arc – also accepting that his condition could be used to help others and himself at the same time when he drank from Josie.

Annie’s story, though, was a bit superfluous and not very well set up. Suddenly she was able to absorb the power of the zoo victim and unleash fury on the vamps? It was a bit of a pointless scene, although it was cool to see her gaining some self confidence for once.

Sad to see the demise of Herrick, a great villain – it didn’t quite ring true that he would let himself be killed so easily, but perhaps he hadn’t banked on George’s  Star of David (which I was right about!) keeping him at bay until the transformation. I am intrigued by the mysterious man (and his boss) who may well be the next series’ baddie – some sort of ghost/monster hunter, perhaps?

Overall I really feel the series was a huge success. It managed to blend humour with gripping drama and some great character development too. Episode 5 was probably my favourite, although nothing could beat the creepiness of Vamp!Bernie in the ‘peedos’ episode. I look forward to the next series, which I think could be even better, especially as we’ll get 8 eps rather than 6.

*claps Toby Whithouse and the Being Human cast and crew*


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