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The power of three – Being Human 1.5

Mitchell, Annie and George run for their lives

Mitchell, Annie and George run for their lives

Yet again, Being Human raised its game, producing a truly gripping hour of drama that managed to pack in important revelations, character growth, some hilarious and yet exciting action sequences and a cruel cliff hanger! (spoilers below)

Mitchell’s ‘Face Heel Turn’ was swiftly reversed (making him a ‘Heel Face Revolving Door’?), mainly through two devices – his past love (Josie? Not on imdb!) and the revelation of the ‘blood farm’ in the dungeon of the undertakers’. I liked both of these, especially his interaction with Josie. She must have meant a lot to him if he refrained from killing or turning her – perhaps their relationship was his turning point?

The blood farm was a little obvious, and Mitchell’s naivety was perhaps a little unbelievable, especially considering the way he was talked of as such a great killer by all the other vamps. If (when!) s2 arrives I’d love some flashbacks of Evil!Mitchell, because at the moment  it’s a bit of a stretch to see him as this cold blooded super vamp whose exploits are still getting recounted.

Annie’s story was heartbreaking. Owen was so harsh (especially when he was talking to Janey and Annie was sitting right in front of him) and it was painful to see Annie crumple again.  One of the best things about the show is that it can combine heartfelt drama with amusing comedy, such as Annie’s attempts to be spooky, which made his reaction even more affecting.

Annie and George’s ninja escapades were also humourous, as well as nailbitingly tense. I wonder whether the Star of David protected George as much because it was imbued with Mitchell’s love as with Godly force. I was sad to see Lauren sacrifice herself, but it was the best ending for her.

Finally the ending…zomg! So much was crammed into the last couple of scenes! I loved how Annie was able to draw on the strength of Mitchell and George and stand up to Owen – becoming really quite scary at the same time! And then her door! And the teary goodbyes! And then HERRICK! Mitchell! Noooooo! It ripped you from one emotion to another – happiness, sadness, fear – and then bam, white light, a whole week to wait until the conclusion.

I suspect that, ultimately, all three friends will need to work together to defeat the vamps. They each bring a strength to the team, and need each other to stay on track. Hopefully Annie will realise that this is her real purpose, and that the door can wait.


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