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The Radley House – Being Human 1.4

George and Mitchell in Being Human

George and Mitchell in Being Human

In previous BH reviews I’ve touched on how the trio as outsiders in a very extraordinary sense can also be stand ins for other sorts of outsiders in our society. This week’s episode made the most obvious statement yet about the status of the ‘supernatural’, as Mitchell fell prey to the most basic of human flaws – ignorance and misunderstanding. (Spoilers follow)

I felt that the episode started off cheerfully, and the growing friendship between Bernie and Mitchell was touching (as well as Fleur’s little crush on M – can’t say I blame her!). There was a real sense that Mitchell saw something good and innocent in Bernie, and I think he linked this to the nostalgic remembrance of his own youth (in turn of the century Ireland, I’m guessing). Meanwhile Nina and George’s relationship turned out to be based on more than animal desire (hoho) and Annie discovered new powers. But then came the dreadful moment when Bernie put on the DVD…I had my hands over my eyes and couldn’t bear to see the whole house of cards come crashing down!

So Mitchell got branded a paedophile and the villagers stormed the castle in an angry mob, just like in the old movie that George was watching. We’ve all seen how people can get hounded like that in real life, and it made the (admittedly unsubtle) point that humans can be just as monstrous as the Others they like to demonise. My faaavourite show, Battlestar Galactica, makes this point a lot too. ‘Why then do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye and not at the log in your own?’ (GCSE RS! Or, I should say, Matthew 7:3). Although at the same time I felt sympathy for Fleur. I think it says something about modern culture that I would never let my child go off alone with a male neighbour for the day, so in that I found her surprisingly enlightened. She was ultimately¬† just trying to protect her son, and perhaps there was a little bit of bitterness there – finding out he liked gay porn, so all those charming smiles meant nothing. She went way too far, but she was frightened, and fear makes us do funny things.

At the same time George nearly lost Nina through his own cowardice. Luckily she’s a stronger woman than he. Turns out she’s got her own secret, and people can be shit sometimes. Yeah, we know, like teaching their kids to spit on their neighbours, or breaking windows, or doing something unspeakable that leaves a lovely girl with great burns all over her stomach. Once again a little demonstration that being human? Is not really a great ambition.

And then Mitchell goes and breaks all our hearts by a) turning Bernie into a vamp (dammit Mitchell! He’s gonna be like a demonic Peter Pan! It’s creepy as hell!) and b) going back to the Dark Side. They might have cookies (of the blood filled kind) but WHYYYY?!

At least Annie’s on track. Sort of. In an ‘I will have my revenge!’ kind of way. Roll on next week!


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