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Ghost Town – Being Human 1.3

Annie and Gilbert in Being Human - photo courtesy of

Annie and Gilbert in Being Human - photo courtesy of

Sorry it’s a bit late! But better late than never, eh?

I thought episode 3 was another strong instalment of the supernatural drama, managing to focus on Annie whilst keeping a general romantic theme that incorporated all three housemates. Read on for more (spoilery) thoughts…

Annie’s story was engaging and I fell for Lenora’s version for the first time. Her devotion to Owen was played just right – sickly, cloying and over the top – followed by the sucker punch that was the (admittedly obvious) revelation of Owen’s dark side. Whilst it perhaps seemed strange for such an important mystery to be solved only halfway through the series, I feel it gives Annie’s character much more potential. Her arc will be able to take her beyond her relationship – beyond ‘fiancee of Owen’ – to forge a new ‘life’ for herself and raise her self esteem.

Her relationship with Gilbert also lent the episode real charm. It was great to be able to see another ghost (making an unholy triumvirate with Tully and Lauren) – and indeed Gilbert came across as the best of those three! His dogged devotion to the era of his death provided lots of comic relief, as well as the poignancy of his final passing. It’s a shame he couldn’t stick around to keep helping Annie.

George’s relationship with Nina was another great bit of comic relief, and I liked that he was actually able to ‘lose control’ and enjoy himself! Mitchell on the other hand…is not going to be able to stay on the wagon at this rate! He needs to get it together with Annie, who doesn’t have any blood. Good to see the vamp plotline bubbling under – although I was convinced at first that Lauren was just pretending to try and go straight (and lying about being forced to make the DVD), which I’m now not sure was the case, considering how Seth bundled her into the car.

I’m ridiculously sad that there are only a couple of episodes left!


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