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In the Lap of Mother Nature – ‘Being Human’ 1.2


Lauren and Mitchell get close in 'Being Human'

My review of ‘Being Human’ seemed to go down well last week, so I thought I’d continue and give you my thoughts on episode 2.

I’m loving the function on wordpress that tells you how people got to your blog. Somehow, someone ended up at last week’s ‘Being Human’ post via the search ‘is Being Human really about homosexuality?’. And I thought, what an interesting question – especially in light of this week’s episode, in which alpha werewolf Tully (Dean Lennox Kelly) showed up to give George (Russell Tovey) a lesson in running with the pack.

Taking the searcher’s premise, we could see Tully as an older gay guy taking confused George, with newly awakened ‘sexuality’, under his wing. Up until the point when Tully revealed his paternal feelings to George, a homoerotic subtext could certainly be read into their final scene – ‘I just wanted you to need me as much as I need you’ giving Tully’s obsession a romantic or even sexual tinge. That’s without mentioning Tully’s attempts to split George up from his bf(f) Mitchell with his sly criticisms. But I digress.

‘Being Human’ is like any Outsider narrative, really since ‘Frankenstein’. We can map onto the supernatural Outsider any social minority we care to. I’m going to make another comparison to HBO’s ‘True Blood’ here, where the vampires can also be seen as representative of homosexuals – finally permitted legal marriage in the final episode and hated by the Church (‘God Hates Fangs’). They are most explicitly linked in the character of Eddie (Stephen Root), a frustrated man who turned to vampirism at the same time as embracing his sexuality. We might also compare them to the HIV positive – the ‘condition’ is spread through the quasi-sexual act of fang penetration, and causes fear and repulsion in some of the humans.

However, in both shows, the analogy is far from neat. Both ‘Being Human’ and ‘True Blood’ are keen to remind us of the monstrous aspects of their subjects in a manner that surely becomes offensive if we see them as simple metaphors. Such an approach also (arguably) presents heterosexuality as the norm, especially in the case of ‘Being Human’ – can we really accept that our ‘homosexual’ characters yearn for a heteronormative lifestyle, denying themselves in the process? I give both Alan Ball and Toby Whithouse more credit than this.

Anyway – to get back to the episode –Tully was a great character to bring in. He had clearly succumbed to his wilder side, with his predatory nature providing humour as he tried to teach George the art of seduction, and later horror as he forced himself on a clearly unready Annie. I liked the parallel between Tully and Lauren, trying to pull their sired and sire respectively into the shadowy world. Mitchell’s hilariously over the top attempts to mingle with the neighbours were nearly derailed by a careless girl’s bleeding thumb – Aidan Turner has the (blood)lust look just right (and I have to say I’m finding Mitchell smoking hot. What can I say, I find an Irish accent pretty much irresistible. Lauren’s seduction scene was…yum). At the same time we saw the trio’s friendship threatened by these invading forces. Thankfully by the end of the episode the balance was restored, or at least until Mitchell was again tempted by the vampire porno DVD that Lauren kindly posted him (another shared trait with ‘True Blood’!).

As a bonus I am now back to shipping Annie/Mitchell (I’m a sucker for the obvious het ship, being a hopeless romantic). Their little kiss was pretty cute. I’m hoping for more to develop here, although how that will work if Annie wants to move on I don’t know. George’s dynamic with Nina the nurse was interesting, and as I see from the preview she’ll be back with her own brand of bitchy snark next week. Yay! Perhaps he will be able to embrace his more ‘animal’ side enough to give him confidence, but not so much that he tips into crazy Tully territory.

Favourite line(s)?

‘He’s a twat!’…’He’s MY twat!’


3 Responses to “In the Lap of Mother Nature – ‘Being Human’ 1.2”

  1. Came here via the Being Human fans comm on LJ – great meta! I thought the dynamic between Tully and George was really interesting – in fact, in places it was almost as if George was the alpha and Tully wanted to follow him. I hope we see more of Tully later.

  2. yes yes yes to mitchell and annie! I don’t know if the writer intended it but you cant watch those actors on screen together for more than 10 seconds and not think it.

  3. Nice Post, better still I’m able to view it on my new iPhone.

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