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Archive for February 2009

The power of three – Being Human 1.5

February 25, 2009

Yet again, Being Human raised its game, producing a truly gripping hour of drama that managed to pack in important revelations, character growth, some hilarious and yet exciting action sequences and a cruel cliff hanger! (spoilers below) Advertisements

Life in plastic – Dollhouse 1.1 and 1.2

February 23, 2009

Dollhouse is Joss Whedon’s new show – and eagerly anticipated by his legions of fans. Whilst I do not count myself as a devotee, I have enjoyed some of his work (Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, the episodes of Firefly I have seen so far, and Buffy to some extent, although I lost track of […]

The Radley House – Being Human 1.4

February 18, 2009

In previous BH reviews I’ve touched on how the trio as outsiders in a very extraordinary sense can also be stand ins for other sorts of outsiders in our society. This week’s episode made the most obvious statement yet about the status of the ‘supernatural’, as Mitchell fell prey to the most basic of human […]

Slumdog Millionaire

February 14, 2009

I saw this last week but have been so busy I was unable to put down my thoughts until today! Sometimes with over hyped movies I’m disappointed when I eventually see them (*cough*dark knight*cough*) but I have to say – Slumdog really lived up to my expectations.

Ghost Town – Being Human 1.3

February 14, 2009

Sorry it’s a bit late! But better late than never, eh? I thought episode 3 was another strong instalment of the supernatural drama, managing to focus on Annie whilst keeping a general romantic theme that incorporated all three housemates. Read on for more (spoilery) thoughts…

Trailer Park

February 10, 2009

Don’t worry – my reviews of Being Human and Slumdog Millionaire are on their way in the next couple of days. To tide you over, I decided to resurrect a feature from my days at Oxide – trailer reviews! In what I hope to make a regular spot on the blog, I’ll be watching a […]

In the Lap of Mother Nature – ‘Being Human’ 1.2

February 2, 2009

My review of ‘Being Human’ seemed to go down well last week, so I thought I’d continue and give you my thoughts on episode 2. I’m loving the function on wordpress that tells you how people got to your blog. Somehow, someone ended up at last week’s ‘Being Human’ post via the search ‘is Being […]